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7 Non Popular Freelance Sites Every Freelancer Should Know About

By on August 6, 2019 0

When you’re starting as a freelancer, you are always confused about what freelance sites you should be using to offer your services to clients and employers worldwide. Confusion occurs when you start on the most popular freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer, these sites have very strict levels of work and approvals. They also have a lot of competition with long-term freelancers having established profiles. Clients usually trust these freelancers for work and newer ones suffer.

We’ve compiled a list of some non-popular yet trendy freelance sites that have low competition and competitive rates and are great for new freelancers:


Nabbesh is a Dubai based freelance site that connects freelancers with employers or clients. Clients have the ability to screen out freelancers and their profiles. Nabbesh also provides a private workspace where clients and freelancers communicate with each other, receive payments when project milestones are achieved, send and receive chat messages or get project updates.

Nabbesh also has a mechanism to suggest suitable jobs for freelancers. Nabbesh claims that each job has only five freelancers quoting for it, which means freelancers get winning quotes for it.


Toptal is not exactly targeted towards new freelancers because their business model focuses on gathering talented and season freelancers. They claim to be home to the top 3% freelancers in the world. For freelancers that manage to get approved by their screening processes, Toptal offers the best international clients and competitive rates. You also get invited to the Toptal community for meetups and tech events.


Logo, graphics and Web design is a massive part of digital branding worldwide. 99designs provides a dedicated platform for talented freelancers that operate in the niche of logo, graphics and web designing. Designers on the platform have to compete to get a certain project. Their design samples are viewed by the client. The client then chooses from the options and decides which freelancer’s work they like the best.


Baskbay claims to be the “fun marketplace” where you can sell your services to clients for money. The freelance jobs or gigs on Baskbay operate in many niches including gift items, programming and even a category called “silly stuff”. It is a relatively less known freelance site which means less competition and more work for new freelancers.

Rent A Coder

Rent A Coder is a freelance site dedicated to just programmers and clients that have specific programming needs. Clients place their project briefs and freelance programmers then bid for the project. The best bid wins. It’s a simple freelance platform and new freelance programmers can use it to work on projects and earn revenue.


Gigster is a freelance site created specifically for select app developers from Silicon Valley. It is preferred by most top-notch brands because they know the end product they will get out of Gigster will be high quality. Gigster has also created applications of such high quality that they have won awards from the likes of Apple. Only the best of the best freelancers make it to Gigster.


Scripted is a highly competitive freelance site dedicated to offering writing services for blogs and social media etc. They thoroughly screen their applicants and approve only the top 1-2%. The rates offered on scripted are very high because the freelancers operating on the site are the best in the business. The platform targets businesses rather than individuals and is a great site to strive for if you’re a freelance writer.

There you have it, if you’re looking for freelance sites that are a little different and more dedicated to your niche as compared to the most popular freelance sites, we suggest you explore some of the freelance sites that we have mentioned above.

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