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Whether you’re establishing a new business or currently running a prominent brand, digital marketing is a must to boost your online presence. And two of the most effective and cost-efficient online advertising methods are influencer marketing and SEO.

Marketers shouldn’t put their eggs in one basket when it comes to creating marketing campaigns. It’s inevitable that marketers and business owners invest in a myriad of digital marketing tactics to improve brand awareness, and eventually increase sales.

So if you’re investing in SEO and turning a blind eye on influencer marketing, you’re missing out on huge opportunities. These two online advertising methods are the go-to choices of marketers, on top of paid advertising. More often than not, marketers would typically start with paid and organic advertising.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is also known as organic advertising. Once you’ve created a robust SEO strategy, it’s recommended to pair it with influencer marketing. Here’s why:

1. Solid followership

SEO is undeniably effective. Unfortunately, it would take months or even years for brands to gain traction using SEO. You’d have to do extensive keyword research, publish regular content, and monitor results. Then create better SEO-friendly content over and over again. Even if you hire an advertising company that specializes in SEO, ranking on search engines will take time.

Optimizing your content such as videos, blogs, podcasts, infographics, and more will entail the expertise of an SEO marketer. This is so your content will adhere to search engine algorithms and rank on the first pages. This is the holy grail of SEO marketing.

When using influencer marketing, it would be easy and quick to rank your content. And this is due to the influencer’s massive followership. Of course, when choosing influencers, the number of followers matters. That being said, always do due diligence before collaborating with influencers.

Checking the influencers’ social media pages upfront only will prevent you from ensuring that their followers are real people. Nowadays, influencers can buy followers. And as marketers aiming to boost their social media presence, you don’t want to fall prey to these pretentious influencers. That being said, check the influencers’ posts and determine if the ratio of their followers, likes, and comments is within an acceptable range. For instance, if you see that they have over 50,000 followers and rarely garner 1,000 likes on their posts, those might be fake followers.
Overall, using influencer marketing means you’ll tap into your target audience, provided that you choose influencers with similar values and principles.

2. Extensive reach

The goal of SEO is to publish and share your content to as many internet users. When your content ranks on the first pages of the search engine, expect that a lot of users will see it. Half of the world’s population are active internet users and a percentage of this is your target audience. When you use the right keywords, your content could be under your target audience’s noses.

When you choose influencers who advocate the same causes as your brand, expect that their followers also believe in the same causes. Say, for example, if you’re running a vegan business, there’s no reason to choose meat-eating influencers as this will do no good for your business.

A vegan influencer believes in the same brand advocacy, hence, telling their followers to patronize the brand as well.

3. Excels in chosen platforms

The type of influencers varies. And depending on what kind of things or niches the influencers are promoting, the channel that they’re promoting it on will also vary.

For instance, if the influencer banks more on artwork and visuals, and your brand is, let’s say, in graphic design, Instagram and Pinterest might be the best channels to promote your business.

Or if the influencers are more technical, which is what your gadget company is all about, then tutorial videos on YouTube might be more appropriate for your target audience.

Overall, influencers have their chosen social media channels that are suitable for your company and branding. Make sure that you do your research to excel in that particular platform and reach more prospects.

4. Adds credibility

If you’re a startup or small business doing SEO, one essential metric you need to reach is credibility. Brands need to build credibility not only for their target audience but also for search engine algorithms.

For instance, a website’s credibility is based on scores such as the Page Authority and Domain Authority. These are determined by the score your site has, the higher the number, the more authority your website has.
Moreover, another factor is also the number of backlinks that your website has. The more, the better. Influencer marketing can add credibility to your brand instantly. This is because people look up to these influencers. The more people share your content, the more they get in search engines’ good graces.

5. Increases website visits

In SEO, marketers would need to choose the goals before starting their campaigns. This is so they’ll know how to advertise their brands. And one common goal is increasing website traffic.

You’d want more prospects to visit your website. Whether they buy or not, the more time users spend on your website is crucial for SEO. This is called Dwell time. When influencers promote your brand, users will likely check out your offers. Of course, having an excellent user interface also helps, but when users visit your website after an influencer’s persuasion, they’ll likely convert.

6. Unique and quality content

Google algorithms rank content in the first pages depending on relevancy and quality. When more people share and visit your content, algorithms will see it as valuable in your particular niche. And this is one way you can make your way to the top of search engines in SEO.

When you put influencer marketing into the mix, you’ll surely provide your prospects with unique and quality content. That’s because influencers have probably been in the industry for years, hence, they know some tried-and-tested content that appeals to their followers. Through collaboration, you and your influencer can create the most compelling content that grabs attention.

7. Impactful

In SEO, it takes awhile to garner your audience’s trust and attention. If you’re publishing valuable content that helps their pain points regularly, then you’re guaranteed to ace organic traffic.

Influencer marketing, however, is more impactful. Because these people are a walking endorsement, they no longer need to prove anything. Social proof is vital but the influencer alone is the living social proof your audience needs.

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