Does domain age matters

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Domain age is one of the prime elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To name some of the other factors are on-page optimization and backlinks extra. However, there is a big clash of opinion in answering to the question, ‘Does domain age matter?’ Before we come with an answer it is essential to evaluate the background and its significance for all the organizations. Regardless, there are numerous search engines, such as Google, Bing, MSN and many more.

What is Domain Age and how does it work?

When we use this term, most of the users get confused with it’s meaning, they define and understand it as how long it has owned that particular domain. The real definition exerts that, it calculates the period time in which a domain has been listed and sustained in the indexed by a specific search engine. The domain ages of existing or expired domains are figured out through various checker tools. All the details related to the websites appear simultaneously.

How old the domain is not as important rather it must have a rank on a search engine. For example, if we take Foodpanda, no one is interested to know when this company was established. Rather, they want to know does this company have a site indexed by Google or not.


Two options for creating a Domain

The two options of starting or creating domains are: –

  • Start a new website
  • Endorse a website by choosing one from the expired domains

Expired Domains

In this article, we will further discuss the second option, which is ‘expired domains’. This term defines as, a domain that was formally registered, by an individual or an organization and they have not renewed it before the given expiration date. In a further process, anyone could opt to re-register it.

How to find expired domains

Checker tools are available to get deeper information about a certain website. Some of the names are Whois, Tucows or Godaddy. To proceed further, on these checker tools you must enter the accurate URL or full domain name. A deactivated domain will be of no use if the expiry date has passed and payments are not been made.

However, all organizations are given a 40-day renewal period from the domain providers after it an auction is taken place. Some of the ‘finds expired domains’ can be found via Domain Hunter Gatherer, and many more.

The importance of using an expired domain

The following are the key points why expired domain is preferred to use: –

  • Trust is already developed (i.e. users are comfortable in using a specific expired domain)
  • The presence counts a lot
  • Number of backlinks (and natural backlinks)
  • No spammy content
  • No malware


Yes, the domain age does matter in the long run. But make sure that; the backlinks must play a vital role for new domain owners. Otherwise, one has to focus on how to make it relevant to their current business. To achieve it, the magic is how the keywords are used with its specific range (i.e. it means the number of words, which is supposed to be less than four). However, all search engines focus on the quality of the content and it should have killer content.

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