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How to go viral on the internet

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Step-by-Step Guide: How to go viral on the internet

Every single person and brand on the internet wants to drive more website traffic, get more followers, increase video views and etc. Producing viral content and distributing it can do all those things with the least amount of effort and costs. It takes the right type of content and also the right type of people to make any content to go viral on the internet. It’s not exactly an easy science to produce viral content, but it’s not impossible either. There are a set of simple steps that you can follow to initiate a viral campaign or viral post. In this article, we have listed some of these tips and steps to answer your question: “How to Go Viral”

Keep In Touch With Current Events and Trends

If your content is in line with the current events and trends on the internet, it has a better chance of being viewed and getting converted into viral content. People are already searching for these topics on Google, Facebook, and Twitter and it will help you go viral if you’re talking about things that are time relevant.

Keep a keen eye on Google Trends and Google News. In addition, also look out for the top trends on Facebook and Twitter which should tell you what people are currently talking about.

Make Video Content A Priority

There are no hard and fast rules as to what format of content can go viral on the internet but it is important to remember that videos are a huge part of the web and also tend to go more viral than other formats. If one publishes a video on Youtube, Google or Vimeo, it can be picked up by other people who will share it on their social networks. That’s an instant increase in your reach and engagement numbers without having much to do on your part.

Keywords Matter

People will use keywords and key phrases to search for content online. This means that you should include relevant keywords in the title, body and the description of your viral content. Platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram allow you to add tags and hashtags that help you target users with relevant keywords.

Engage Influencers

Viral content almost always depends on a celebrity or someone with a massive following sharing said content on their social mediums. This instantly increases the reach and credibility of your viral post. The right strategy for this is to partner with certain influencers before you launch your viral content. Spend some time building a relationship with your pool of influencers which should pay off, in the long run, to make your content go viral.

Consider Launching Contests

People love incentive and contests offer those incentives to them. Contests are a great way to pull users to your Facebook, Twitter or any other social mediums and also persuade them to pull other users too. Many big brands also engage with their current audience and retain them through contests and giveaways.

Be Witty

Everyone loves a good laugh if you have what it takes to present your information in a laughable manner, do that. If your content is funny enough, people will not only engage with it but also share it with their friends. Many blogs and websites will also pick up your content and feature it in their mediums.

Take Risks

No one ever made it big by playing it safe. Viral content is almost always shocking, controversial and opinionated. Strong emotions are sparked when you talk about controversial topics. Emotions are what get people to connect with the content and share it with other people. Don’t be afraid to talk about something that you think is right or wrong, no matter what the general public opinion may be.

Keep It Simple and Unique

The key to going viral is to appeal to the users while also keeping it original. No one will share your content if he or she thinks they’ve already seen it before. Simplicity resonates with everyone and it’s what moves people to engage with the content. Doing your own thing should be your primary goal while producing viral content.

We hope we’ve answered your question i.e How to go viral with these tips and steps. Virality is not an exact science and it also involves some percentage of luck as well. We wish you all the luck in producing and executing your viral content.

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