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How Google Admob work and why it is not working for you

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What is Google admob and How Google Admob for mobile works

AdMob is a cool product to use and it work for you if you want to build your own application or game and integrate ads within the product just like you integrate google adsense ads in your site or blog.  AdMob already shares plenty in common with the Google culture. It splits network ad revenues with developers in a model similar to AdSense, and it focuses on the needs of mobile app developers to help put money in their pockets.

Google AdMob provides the facility for the developer to earn money for their mobile apps with high-quality ads. Showing ads to app users allows you to create a sustainable source of revenue to help grow your business while you focus on building and developing quality apps.

Advertisers get to reach new customers, and users can discover relevant products and services — while enjoying apps for free. So, it’s a win win situation for everyone — developers, users, and advertisers.

Most of the time when people publish ads on their mobile apps, the ads don’t make that much money. Sometimes there are lot of reason behind the problem including keyword placement in description of the product or the app ranking but those issues are for another article. In this article I am going to explain, how admob works, why google admob network is not working for you and is there a solution available to your problem.

Think of it from a user perspective. when you’re browsing an app and you see an ad, you tend to click on it only when it’s relevant. so, it’s important from an advertiser and a publisher perspective to deliver ads that are very relevant to a user.

Ads that are relevant matters

For example, if I’m browsing through a travel application and I want to book tickets from destination A to B, I check the fares, check the date timing and then I decide not to buy for some reason. After that I move on to a gaming application while browsing through the gaming application, I see an ad from the same travel app talking about discounted fares from those same destination A to B, it might catch my eye and that is something I’m interested in. That’s relevant to me so if I click on it you as an advertiser aka publisher will earn money from that click so it’s important to deliver ads that are very relevant and that is what Google’s technology do. It uses your browser cache or history to ensures that ad is relevant.

Why admob is not working for you

The main issue is, you’re using just one ad network. No matter what it is, the problem with just using one ad network is that they can’t fill all your ads. you have different kinds of users. your users are in different countries. Africa, India, UK, USA with different age groups, different interests, and different ad profiles so your ad network just can’t fill all of them because it just doesn’t have the inventory and so a lot of the ad impressions get left unfilled and you don’t make money from them.

That’s the main problem that your ad network doesn’t explain to you but this is actually why the ad payouts are so typically low.

Is there a fix for it?

Google admob is not the only ad network that you can use within your application and there are lots of alternatives to google admob. You can integrate more than one ad network within your application. There is the concept of smart automated mediation and what that does is instead of pulling ads from one ad network it mediates over 5 or more mobile app networks and actually pulls the best ad or the available ads for that ad impression. So, it gives you a 100% fill rate for your ad impressions and you make more money from every ad and every screen impression gets an ad that actually has money behind it. This allows you to make hundred percent more with your ads.  Chartboost, a popular mobile app monetization and programmatic advertising platform, is announcing the launch of its new software development kit, Helium.

Helium allows mobile app developers to increase their ad revenues by conducting an unbiased first-price unified auction for every impression opportunity.

That means it helps automatically select the best ad to put into a game at any given moment.

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