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How to do your mobile app marketing

By on April 26, 2020 0

Many congratulations on building your mobile application! You have come a long way! But still, you have to put in as much time and effort marketing your mobile app as you did, developing it. Mobile app marketing is a key to make your app stand out in the flood of applications out there. Whether its Google playstore or Apple app store, believe it or not, without proper promotion and marketing, your app is likely to get lost in no time.

Small enterprises may not have a big budget for promotional events. Even if they have the budget, they might lack channels to market their app properly. Let’s take a look at some of the best tried and proven marketing methods to help improve ranking your apps on the store. We hope they will work for you exactly the way they are supposed to.

  1. Leverage Your Website

One of the finest methods to promote your mobile app is to make the maximum use of your business’ website (if you already have one). In one way or another, anyone interested in your business will reach out to your website, and eventually to your app.

You can place your mobile app on your website by sectioning off a portion exclusively for your app. For example, the center of the web page or screen’s corner can include your application. Another good way to promote your app is to include a pop-up page. This way, you can make your potential customers download your app as they will get to view it even before your website. But for all this, you should have a mobile-friendly and fully functional website of your business, in the first place.

  1. Start a Blog

One of the finest ways to share information and keep your audience updated is regular posting. You can simply share your experiences and overall journey creating your app. This will engage your readers as they will feel themselves to be a part of the process. Besides, this will help you interact and communicate with your customers even after launching your mobile app.

You can either start a blog sharing complete information about your app or just give a call to action right at the end of each post. This way, you are inviting all your viewers to download your mobile app. If you are writing a blog post about your app, try to write a thorough story about it and let your viewers know the actual purpose behind it. Let them know the advantages of your app. You can include videos, screenshots, and your app link to help people get a thorough understanding of it.

  1. Release a Teaser

As humans are visual creatures so just keep talking about things in front of them isn’t enough. To believe it, they have to see it. Use teasers and sneak peeks to turn your ‘interested’ customers into your ‘excited’ customers. Video promos and screenshots will let your audience see your mobile app, instead of reading or hearing about it.

  1. Use Different Social Media Platforms

The careful and wise use of social media can take your mobile app marketing to a whole new level. Just copy-pasting your app link isn’t enough. Be interesting. Engage the audience. Intrigue them. Make yourself trustworthy, click-worthy and also share-worthy. Almost all the social media platforms give the advertising option of app installs. Better you choose your potential platforms in line with your target audience. This way, you can save your marketing budget as well as improve the number of your downloads.

  1. Contact Influential Writers

One of the best mobile app marketing techniques is to find writers who are interested in your niche. This way, they would like to write about your amazing solution, too! But for that to work, avoid being pushy! Otherwise, things may go the other way around.

  1. Ensure App Store Optimization

For ranking your app on the store and increasing visibility, you require to ensure that your mobile app is optimized. Use well-structured and researched keywords in the app name. You can even optimize your screenshots, description, title, and icon to be found quicker on the app store.

To improve mobile apps ranking, you can make use of the search ads to raise your app download number. It can improve the visibility of your app as well as drive your downloads better. It is all about perfect timing as these ads will show up at the same time, the customers watch out for a mobile application like yours.

  1. Prepare Your Launch Materials and Press Kit

You are required to prepare your launch materials and press kit for the day of launch. But even before launching, you need to have your website ready, have a piece of written content such as a blog post or press release, and have a video promo highlighting the main features of your app.

Reach out to the authoritative bloggers, industry influencers, and relevant media for interviews as well as reviews of your mobile app.

  1. Hire a PR Agency

While the role of marketing and public relations seem to overlap, both perform their different functions. Marketing results in driving sales. On the other hand, PR results in boosting your company’s reputation. A PR agency is responsible for handling your company’s reputation through paid, earned, and owned communications. A good PR is likely to give you almost half of your subscribers even before the launch. Focus on the importance of PR to be cutthroat in mobile app ranking!

  1. Collaborate

Why don’t you consider collaborative marketing for marketing your mobile app? This strategy calls for working in unison with your competitors to increase sales, minimize costs, and promote your mobile app and number of downloads. If you can afford to be teamed up with any other app, do so! Believe it or not, this can prove to be a game-changer for you as well as your partner. This way, both partners can cross-promote each other’s apps. Needless to say, via collaborative marketing you can take your brand to a whole new level.

  1. Join Entrepreneurs and Developers

You need to increase your visibility on different social media communities and groups, especially Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, to be well thought of among app developers and entrepreneurs.

This way, you can ask them for their response and feedback on your mobile app by giving them promo codes for free to check it out. Value their feedback and discuss bug fixes, current features, and future updates. In this way, you can build a great relationship with them. They may provide you with a wonderful opportunity to promote your app without spending a penny.


The app industry is currently flooded with millions of mobile applications available for download. Standing out in the app market is crucial for the survival of your mobile app in this slayer industry. For ranking your apps on the store, you have to put in as much time and effort as you did, creating them. Follow our above-mentioned pieces of advice to make your app top of the game in mobile apps ranking! Wishing You All The Best!

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