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How to find content writing jobs for freelancer

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Want to earn cash but don’t want to leave your comfortable couch?

Working from a home and making money online is a dream come true. All you would need is a comfy couch, a hot cup of tea and the innate primitive skills of human communication. You keep your hands and mind working, and the money keeps rolling in your account. Doesn’t it sound easy and magical? All your money problems might just disappear one day! But to make a name as a freelancer is the most important and the first creation! I can’t emphasize it enough. You need to make your name if you are thinking of being a freelancer.

What set of skills you need to become a successful freelancer

Well most of us are already familiar with it. For taking up a content writing job online, you need a very good writing skill.  Because if you are a good writer, only then you can jump out for this job.

So, the first requirement of being a writer has ticked already. Now let’s look at what further weapons, we might need for this journey.

Other than the skill, you have to be a very dynamic person who can read trends. Every time we become online, the global market is changing and evolving at a very fast rate. So, to keep up the pace, you need to be very versatile in your approach and writing skills. Because one writing style never works more than once.

How to bring versatility in your writing style

No need to worry if you are afraid that you can put up with only one writing style. I got a band-aid for just that. In particular, writing skills are dependent on our left side of the brain. So, what’s the right side of our brain? Well, this hemisphere is involved in creativity and imagination. What it has to do with our content writing job?

I am bringing you towards it.  The theme of telling you about two halves is to point one important thing. That is bringing together the two sides together which upgrades your writing skills. Yes, you are only using half of your brains at any particular time. And that is always your left brain.

Combining them both is easy said than done!  Because we are conditioned to use one side of our brain.

So here’s the hack, Use your imagination and become what your client is asking for you to write. If it’s about promoting a new fashion trend, become a designer. Or if it’s about promoting the new drug in the market, become a pharmacist. Quite handy, right!

Start as a part-timer content writer if you are new in a market

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in freelancing and you are just stepping into the online world of content writing and you have no idea how the terrain is or what problems you might face during your journey. I would recommend you start content writing as a part-time job. Don’t step on acceleration right at the beginning. You might burn all your energy and hope. There is no easy money and everything has the right time. So, a take-home message is to keep this fact in mind.  As it takes months depending on your approach and credibility to maintain the influx of loyal clients. When you have got the hang of how freelancing works. And you have secured a bunch of loyal customers. Then it is reasonably safe to make it a full-time job.

Pitching a good writing gig

You have the style, creativity and quite readily grasp the trends. Now comes the battleground for which I was preparing you. How to land on a good opportunity? Don’t be surprised by what I am about to say. It’s the other way around in this corner of the world. You have to fish for the opportunities, starting from a point zero!

No need to bite out your nails. Here’s how you can hunt for the gigs

You are sure about it that you want to be a writer and take on a content writing job? But you can’t grasp the end of the rope that will keep you running in the industry? Here’s the way for it:

Just start with asking people around you

Not compelled? Let me unbox this point for you. When you start by asking the people around you including your family, friends or work collogues. You might find a freelancer in your community. And that’s the first milestone in your road trip. Because a freelancer in your circle might be the one who will give you your own first paid work. Isn’t it just marvelous? That’s how I got my first job too! Other than that, you got yourself a mentor. And I flooded my mentor with so many questions. Quite daunting but it helped me to spread my roots further into the ground.
Quite some times, the people you were asking about turn out to be your future clients. So, you are hitting two birds with one stone. They might approach you to help them write about any project or thesis etc.

Keep an eye on the ads

Small business owners and entrepreneurs post ads quite frequently. They are good at management but they require your skills to promote and expand their business. That’s where you have to be very vigilant and quick. At the start, this might be time-consuming. But in the long run. It will help you score good deals.

Join the freelancing groups on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Join every forum that might help you get your next work. The first thing you have to do is familiarize yourself with the people there. Be an active member and let people know you are there. Give frequent comments as a guest post. Try an indirect approach first to promote yourself. Don’t through your portfolio on those forums. Rather adopt an approach like if you need any help with the writing, I am right here.

Promote your self as a ‘writer for hire’

Advertise yourself as one who takes on content writer job remotely. You have to publicize yourself by using every possible means. You can do it by

  • Making your working card
  • Using social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Make a good portfolio. Do mention you can work as a ghostwriter, blogging writer, and a copywriter, etc.
  • Starting your blog
  • Make a professional-looking website
  • Define your content writing job description

Impressing your client is never easy

To make your name in a freelancing market requires patience and skill. Pitching your first client is never easy and maintaining a client is an even tougher job. When you start. Be hopeful but not overwhelmed. Everyone gets their dry spells. So, to avoid such weather. Impress your client so that you have more work pouring into your glass. They might recommend you to others and come to you multiple times with work.

When you have to say no to the client: leaning your ladder on the right wall!

Don’t try to hook up the big companies or clients. They never pay you well and take your work for guaranteed. So, avoid going to the big sharks. A Nemo is fine too! Mutual respect and understanding will bring out good content!

Never accept the work in which you have absolutely no idea. It’s applicable if your client is a student. And you have to write a Research thesis or make a project presentation. You may accept the work only If it is parallel to your line of study. Then you can proceed with your client demand. If it’s not your forte. Kindly decline the client. It’s better to reject than to spoil your hands and damage your reputation.

Be wary of the scammers

When you are a green twig who is desperately looking for a job. it is very easy to fell into the traps of the scammers. When any company approaches you. Do thorough background research before signing the contract. And if you are not paid for the work you just submitted. Don’t start the next assignment. And never share your sensitive information like credit call details, personal information and checkbook picture, etc.

A look at the best places to kick off your career

Still, confused? To help untangle your thinking block. You can sign in with these apps. Try to log in multiple of these sites. Never depend on one app. Try every one of them. You may just have your client from the most unexpected source.

Taking on a content writing gig is a very satisfying yet good-paying job. Now it’s time to crack up the knuckles and get to the freelancing. Being patient and hopeful is the key to success in the long run.

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