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BlogSpot also known as Blogger, is a free blogging platform for users launched by Google. It acts as a vehicle for users where they can create their own blogs and float them on the internet for free. It is known to host millions of users. All the blogs are organized and hosted by Google but they are normally accessed using a subdomain called

BlogSpot provides a promising platform for bloggers who want to blog about their life experiences, work place tips, special moments, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, knowledge and so much more. Although, nowadays most people consider WordPress as best CMS for Bloggers. People have been using BlogSpot for blogging in a plethora of dimensions anyone can imagine. Many success stories from blogging on BlogSpot exist. Here, we will talk in depth about perks and incentives you can utilize from blogging on BlogSpot:

1. Free of cost

BlogSpot is a free website for bloggers on: subdomain. For any upcoming blogger, this is a steal. They basically get most services free and get unlimited resources on the website to create their blogs. There is no setup fee, no fee for any kind of upgrades. And it is optional if you want advertisements on your blog or not. Everyone looks into getting high traffic on their social media platform, in this case, blogs. BlogSpot basically helps make blogs more appealing, attractive and prominent. Along with these treasures, it also gives SSL certificate and guess what, even this is for free! SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a certificate which encrypts your domain and influences performance, security and even the search engine ranking of your blogs.

A paid service by other competitors called “domain mapping” is provided for free on BlogSpot. You can buy a custom domain (e.g., and point it to your blog for free.

2. An upfront platform

BlogSpot till date has not vastly changed its product vision and become something completely different than how it started. It operates in an old school fashion. Isn’t this refreshing in today’s world? Currently, majority of social media platforms function with ever changing policies, functions, vision and changing targets. It is difficult to keep up with so many alterations sometime. With BlogSpot, bloggers can confidently keep using it without fearing and breach in privacy or regular changes in policies. It still works using RSS, defaults comments, focuses on latest posts and s it was in the beginning so even today BlogSpot has focused primarily on its bloggers and allows them to publish their blogging content to the web for anyone to see. This approach may have a small down side but that is debatable and question to personal preference.

3. Easy to use

BlogSpot mainly and basically only focuses on blogging. It has made its’ interface very easy to understand and largely user friendly. Any bloggers aim is to quickly create their blog, add content and grow their audience. BlogSpot makes this very easy to achieve. There’s not a lot of confusing jargon or technological words that become hard to internalize especially for beginners. So, if you have a Google account, a YouTube account or use any other Google’s project you simply have to punch in that username and password and you’re good to go. It’s that simple! As I’ve highlighted above, it’s interface is simple, very minimal and mostly self-explanatory. Hence, it becomes easy to run a single blog or dozens of blogs.

4. Google integration

If you are already a Google product user, any of it, then you already have a BlogSpot account too. You only have to type in your username and password on its site. Google owns BlogSpot and this unification makes so many things so much simpler. Your data is always available for export thanks to Google Takeout. You can buy a custom domain from Google Domains. Google photos also widely helps bloggers create their blogs. Since, it stores a library of all your photos you can easily access them, select the ones you need and add them to your blogs seamlessly.

5. Performance and speed

Since Google owns BlogSpot, Google itself takes care of all technical issues of BlogSpot. Issues like security, speed, etc. are all handled by the host, Google itself. It is a great bonus for beginners and startups alike not having to worry about these issues. This feature serves as a huge advantage for bloggers. As they can focus wholly, solely on creating content and promoting it.

6. Google’s established viewers

I found this to be a golden feature of BlogSpot. Bloggers on BlogSpot can take advantage of the pre-existent sea of viewers that are a part of some or the other product of Google. This vastly helps bloggers on BlogSpot grow their audience and viewership by targeting these pre-existing viewers.

7. Monetizing your blogs

For many businesses, may they be large or small, monetization is a necessity to thrive. And this can be optimized on BlogSpot by using Google ads. Bloggers get good exposure with Google ads. Google ads are one of the most profitable website ads currently available. You can advance your profits by making good contents on your blog site with better exposure and buying / selling for monetization.

8. High rank in search engine

BlogSpot ranks high in Google search engine compare to other platforms such as Yola, WordPress, Weebly and Webs. BlogSpot has search engine optimization (SEO) tools such as webmaster tools and Google analytics to aid users get a good spot in search engines.

9. Tutorials

BlogSpot gives help or tutorials for beginners on the web. They have also set up a Q&A forum where anyone who is having troubles can post about it and others in a similar situation or someone with solutions reply. It allows users to interact with each other and help out each.

10. Page rank

Google page rank renders a reputation in a website. The Google page rank has 0-10 value and ten being the highest. It is easier to get a page rank in BlogSpot than many other platforms.

11. Statistics

Blogger has statistics feature where users can monitor how many visitors are visiting their website, pages or blog site. The statistics feature has traffic sources tab that tells the referring sites of the web visitors, it has audience tab that tells what country the web visitors came from, and it has the overview tab that compares page views from different dates and time.

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