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how to start a blog

5 Easy Steps- How to start a blog

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For many beginners, starting a blog of their own can be quite intimidating and confusing. Anyone can make mistakes while building up their first blog. However it is not as overwhelming as we presume it to be. One can easily set up a blog and earn money from it.

What is a blog?

A blog is basically any type of website that allows a person to publish written content. Too often it is the writer’s own perspective. Blogs can vary from being informational to recreational, depending upon one’s tastes and interests.

The comment sections allow readers to directly interact with their readers and make a two way connection with them. It helps the blogger reach a like-minded audience who share the same interests as them. Having built that trust, one can easily earn money through blogging and chase their passion at the same time.

Why should you start a blog?

Blogging is easy

Too often, people view blogging to be a highly complicated task. They think that a lot of knowledge about formal use of language or a lot of technical knowledge is required for starting a blog which is a misconception. One doesn’t have to be a great writer in order to be a blogger. In fact a lot of bloggers write in an informal style of writing.

You don’t have to be an expert to write on a topic. Your views and opinions don’t require highly technical information in order to be successful. As a matter of fact, many blogs are conversational in style and allow people to effectively communicate their ideas. All it takes is your passion for the subject and your experiences in order for you to write about something.

Earning money through blogging

Blogging can easily help you earn money effectively if done right. Even part-time bloggers can easily gain profit through it. The best part of blogging is that you are your own boss and you can work on your own pace. You don’t have to work actively, income can even be earned passively. Taking some time out of your weekend to write a blog post can help you earn from it even log after the blog has been posted.

Earning Fame

For most of the writers, blogging is a method of earning fame. You may not share the same fame as the famous actors or idols but you will have reasonable fame in your respective field. In fact there have been bloggers whose blogs were further recognized and turned to stories or even movies. Imagine your passion bringing you easy fame by just sharing your own thoughts and experiences.

Forming a community

Blogging allows you to engage with people of your own field. It is a two way interaction that not only allows you to share your own experiences with other but also to engage with people and learn their experiences. It allows you to interact and communicate with people with the same interests as you. You don’t only provide an opportunity to people to learn from your experiences but also learn from their experiences. It is a sort of a virtual community full of people with similar interests.

Blogging is a trend

These days blogging is one of the most growing trends. The internet is full of people passionate about sharing thought and experiences. Which mean there’s a lot of potential readers for your blog. There’s so much benefit in turning your passion into money making these days. Luckily this trend comes with easy benefits for those who are interested in writing.

Lucky for you setting up following has never been this easy.

5 Easy Steps to Start a Blog

You can easily set up a blog in fifteen to twenty minutes.

  1. Choose a descriptive blog name
  2. Register your blog online and customize it
  3. Publish your first blog
  4. Promote your blog on social media
  5. Make money through blogging.

Step 1: Choose a descriptive blog name

Before figuring out a blog name you need to figure out the topic of your blog. It can be your hobbies, experiences, likes, dislikes or anything in general. You need to figure out what you want to write about without limiting yourself. Even your daily life and daily experiences can be a topic of discussion on your blog. For example you can write about your cooking methods, favorite dramas or novels or even anime, your thoughts on articles, events of your life etc. In fact the topic of your blog can even be you and your life. A personal blog is an easy way to share random thoughts or experiences without having to stick to one topic in case you cannot work out a single topic.

Once you have chosen your topic, working out a name is easy. Make sure your name is descriptive enough for the readers to immediately tell what your blog is about. You can get creative with the naming, don’t stick to one word. You don’t need to have recipes in your name for people to know that you are sharing cooking recipes with them. There’s other ways like adding your own initials or name for example CookingwithMary.com. If you still find yourself in confusion with name selection, then worry not because internet can easily help you look for one.

Once you’ve picked a name, make sure it isn’t already take before proceeding. Make sure you don’t use any punctuation or spaces in setting up a domain. You can however use dashes especially if the name you want to use is already taken. For example Cooking-with-Mary.com.

Step 2: Register your blog online and customize it

Once you’ve worked out a name, it’s time to get online. You’d need two things to get your blog online and keep it running: a hosting site and a blogging software.

A hosting site keeps your blogs saved and help the readers reach it once their type your blog name or topic. You need a blog host in order to set up a blog.

The second thing you need is a CMS/software for your blogging. The most popular blogging software these days is WordPress blogging software.

For beginners it is recommended to use hosting sites like BlueHost as they register your blog name for free and make sure it is unique to only you and their money-back guarantee can be beneficial in case you are unsatisfied with their services. Beginners should go for hosting sites that have helpful customer services, so it best that you research some good hosting sites before starting your blog. Make sure you choose the packages that benefit you and are affordable. Same goes for choosing a blogging software.

After you have chosen both the host and blogging software, you can proceed with customizing your blog. Log in and look for different themes or appearances that match your tastes. You can start off with the themes that are already provided to you unless you have a specific design in mind. There are also customized designs hosted by the software or its users that maybe available for free or can be purchased as well. The important part is that you set up your theme according to what you find attractive.

Step 3: Publish your first blog

Once your blog is out there, it’s finally time to publish your stuff. You can write your blog on spot or you can do pre-writing somewhere else as well. Software like WordPress allow you to add pictures to your texts as well, you can easily adjust the size or placement. Make sure you go through your content before publishing it. One of the easiest way to recheck it is to view it through public lens before publishing. Many software allow the readers to view their blogs according to how it may appear to the readers.

The last thing you must do after putting it one your blog and rechecking is to publish it. Without publishing your blog still won’t be available to general public.

Step 4: Promote your blog on social media

After bringing your blog online, you need to put effort to gather readers especially if you are just starting. The best way to promote your blog is through social media. Don’t be shy about telling people that you have a blog, share it with them so that they are interested to see what’s in your life. You need to have both trust and pride in your work. It is not necessary that you have to immediately start off big. You can do things step by step. There’s more than one way to promote your work on social media.

  • Promoting your blog through social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc.
  • Promoting through email marketing i.e. notifying your readers about updates through emails.
  • Commenting on blogs of others in order to gain their attention.
  • Writing response blogs to other blogs and linking your blog to other blogs.
  • Guest posting, writing blogs for other bloggers to gain attention towards your own blog.
  • Posting actively and frequently to keep the readers indulged.


Step 5: Make Money through Blogging

Once you have successfully promoted your blog enough, making money through blogging is quite easy. The trick is to not expect profit right away. Money Making needs time and patience. Don’t expect to start making money in the very first week of blogging. Make sure to promote your blog well enough, the more dedication you put into promotion, the more you can earn. You need enough and consistent audience to monetize your blog successfully. To do that you need to follow certain simple steps.

Stay in touch with your readers and increase your mailing list as much as possible. Once you have a huge mailing list, you can aim for a consecutive audience. Other social media are also a good asset to increase the flow of audience towards your blog. Gather as much audience as you can so that the advertising sites will find a benefit in advertising on your blog. Paid advertisements is one of the easiest way of earning money through blogging. You can easily join Google Adsense account once you have a good flow of audience. Advertisement from all sorts of companies might show up on your blog. So that every time someone decides to visit your account, the advertisers pay you for displaying their advertisement on your blog. The amount of payment depends upon following factors.

  • The number of visitors on your blog
  • The number of advertisements on your blog
  • The topic of your blog

Following these five steps will easily help you set up a blog and earn money through it. Remember to be patient and confident. Blogging takes time and dedication, give yourself some chance to earn through blogging and don’t expect it to be rewarding right away. The journey of blogging itself is rewarding if you are doing something you’re passionate about. After all, there is a reason why bloggers find blogging quite rewarding, both mentally and monetarily.

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