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The Art of Creative Writing

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Creative writing is about expressing your emotions, feelings, and thoughts through writing. It is different from just conveying information to the readers. Creative writing requires your creativity and imagination to tell a tale through powerfully written visuals, which tend to have a psychic impact like in novel writing, poetry writing, short story writing, etc.

Contrary to academic or journalistic writing in which there is no emotional intrigue but just information and facts, creative writing uses emotions and senses to develop strong visuals in the mind of the reader. In this article, we are going to cover all the nitty-gritty details of creative writing from creative writing ideas and creative writing topics to creative writing prompts and creative writing jobs.

Creative Writing Ideas

No one is an in-born writer. Writing is just like any other craft like cooking that you can learn and get better in it over time. As writing is all about rewriting, you can master this craft by continuous practicing. The more you write, the better you will get at it. We have come up with some creative writing ideas and tips for you to take your writing to a whole new level.

  • Just Read

Reading is undoubtedly a fundamental learning source for writing. No one can write without spending time reading. Read whatever comes across you. Read everything! The habit of reading will never let you down when you’re about to pen down something.

  • Just Write

If you don’t know what to write about or lack creative writing ideas, just take a paper and pencil to pen down your thoughts. Write whatever comes to your mind even if it’s disgusting (you can throw it in the trash later. . . NO WORRIES!). The point is to take a few minutes out for free writing from your day. Believe it or not, most of the much-publicized and celebrated writers say that no matter what, they strictly write every day. Let’s understand this by an analogy. For example, if you are feeding fish daily at 12 p.m. The fish will come upon the surface at 12 p.m. naturally, even if you forget to feed them. Similarly, if you fix the time for free writing/scribbling, the ideas will hit your mind at that time anyway.

  • Avoid Wordiness

Wordiness can screw up your readers. Try to keep your writing as simple and effective as possible. Why is writing poetry difficult as compared to other types of writing? Because in poetry, every word must be stacked with a meaning. So, one can’t rely on writing filler words in poetry. Keep checking your writing for useless words. For example, constant nagging, exact replica, and new discovery. In this sentence, the adjectives are added as the nouns mean the same.

  • Revise, Revise, and Revise

Never just stop at your first draft of writing. Just set it aside for some time or even days. Revise it later with a more explicit mind. You are likely to make it better and better with each revision you make. In your final draft, you may find little or even nothing from your first draft. This is one of the best practices en route to becoming a great writer.

  • Set Goals and Stay Passionate

Among other creative writing ideas and tips, setting goals to be most productive and enthusiastic is crucial. Be very clear about what to achieve and where to go in writing. Never make your passion a chore. And don’t give up your other passions like cooking, gardening, or fishing for exercising the writing. Paradoxically, you can even strengthen your creative writing by writing about your other hobbies, interests, and passions. Hurrah!

Creative Writing Topics 

If you are watching out for some topics to write on, check out our list below.

  • Address the Issues

Think about the problems you are facing in your life that you wish the articles would solve. Start researching such issues and come up with solutions to put in your articles. For example, if you have brought a car, you can pen down the whole process behind it to help your readers.

  • Write About Your Favorite Books, Websites, and Magazines

Write about whatever you like to read. Write about your favorite book. Why do you like it? What is the takeaway message? You can also use them as a launching pad to produce something original. You can also write reviews on your favorite pins on Pinterest, your most-liked websites, and your preferred magazines.

  • Spy on Google Trends

Always look out for what is trending on Google. Go for the latest and hot creative writing topics. Write about the recent and ongoing movements, for instance, the ecology movement, peace movements, gay rights movement, women’s movement, and more. You can also pitch your article to a newspaper, magazine, or online magazine. You can write about your day-to-day experiences interestingly and get them published on your personal blog/website.

  • Take a Prompt and Try Writing it Multiple Ways

Just take a prompt and bring stories out of it. Choose a plot and make as many stories as possible. All stories should have a different ending. For example, Jack couldn’t make it in the well-known Titanic movie. You can twist the story by making Rose pregnant with the child of Jack. How is that? Do it and surprise yourself by exercising this activity.

  • Write Magical Realism

Write stories with characters having specific magical qualities. Make your original stories from the famous fictional stories such as Tooth Fairy, Jack, and The Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, Snow White, and so on. Try writing stories from a world similar to ours but possessing different magical qualities.

Creative Writing Prompts

Writing prompts save you from spending hours thinking about a topic to write on. These prompts let you start writing immediately, help you build creative writing muscles, and increase your creativity. Here are some of the best creative writing prompts to help you start your cruise. Happy Writing!

  • Thrillers and Mystery Writing Prompts

  1. A stranger sitting next to you on a train gets up and leaves a bag behind. What now?
  2. One night, while coming back home from work, you see a hooded figure with no face, pointing at you.
  3. On a regular morning run, you stumble upon a mysterious house you have never seen before.
  4. While flicking through an old family photo album, many generations back, you observe there is a mysterious dog almost in each group photo of your elderly. The same dog – pattern, color, breed, one damaged eye – that is currently barking at your door.
  5. You received an unknown WhatsApp message saying, “Awaiting you outside”.
  • Romance Writing Prompts

  1. You had never seen your partner until the wedding day and you just fell for him/her at the first sight.
  2. Two lovers who are perfect for each other surrender to the bad timing.
  3. You never would’ve thought that within 24 hours you would be married.
  4. A missed train strands two worst enemies together and they fall for each other.
  5. A cat lover and a dog lover fall for each other. Now they must work out on a way to get their pets to love each other, too.
  • Paranormal and Fantasy Writing Prompts

  1. Your cat transforms into a fairy.
  2. The sky becomes the ocean.
  3. A watch has come into your possession that can read everyone’s mind.
  4. 4. An underwater toads’ society decides to take over the world.
  5. An alien from another planet lands on your rooftop and insists to take one of your family members along with him.
  • Adventure and Travel Writing Prompts

  1. Tell the story of the best as well as the worst traveling experience of your life.
  2. You have to review a luxury resort at the hill.
  3. The most beautiful sunset you watched sitting on top of a mountain.
  4. Which is the most alluring and picturesque place you’ve visited to-date.
  5. You have to make it from Alexandria (Egypt) to Cairo on a camel. You have no money! What will you do?

Creative Writing Jobs

While many agencies hire full-time creative writers, you have many opportunities on the Internet too. You can grab freelance creative writing jobs on the web and become your own boss. We have come up with a list of high-paying online resources for you!

  • Write Guest Posts for Free

You can guest post your articles on popular sites where thousands of people will get to see your writing. We can safely bet, one of those readers is your potential client. This is one part of building your portfolio as well. Although, it is great to pitch to job ads but for that, you should have some good samples to show. For that, all you need to do is to watch out for the best sites related to your niche. If you don’t know any site, just do an instant google search, “Your Niche + Write For Us”. Choose the site you should write for, see its guest post guidelines before you pitch your post idea. While writing guest posts, don’t forget to draft your author bio to convince viewers to visit your site too.

  • Make a Website

One of the best ways to drag high-paying clients is having a professional-looking, personal website. You can use your website to showcase your portfolio to potential clients. However, if you are a beginner, this is not a good option for you right now.

  • Join Groups on Social Media

Apart from entertaining yourself, you can use social media to earn income as well. Facebook is one of the most paramount platforms where you can find freelance/remote/work from home jobs. Many businesses that can’t afford full-time, in-house writers, hire freelancers for their short or long-term projects. Some businesses require writers to write posts on their business Facebook page or website. Many freelance writers are solely earning from social media. You can also do so!

  • Use Freelance Websites

Freelance websites are the platforms where both the buyers and sellers post their offers. Being a freelance creative writer is a great way to turn your hobby or talent into money. Some of the best freelance websites to find creative writing jobs include Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Crowded, Simply Hired, Writer Access, Hireable, Guru, among others. You are free to apply for only those projects you’re good at or want to do. These platforms will help you find the first clients to work for. Besides that, you constantly strengthen your writing muscles and sharpen your skills by writing for different clients on various niches. Eventually, your portfolio will grow and bring you more and more job offers!

To cut it short, the art of creative writing not only helps you build confidence, boost imagination, improve communication skills, revamp mental, physical, and emotional health; but benefits you financially. We wish you Good Luck with the wonderful writing exercise!

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