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Top 5 Admob Alternatives You Should Have a Go At

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Mobile advertising market is massive. Forbes predicted that 75% of digital advertising spent will be directed towards mobile advertising this year. Although Admob is a big name in mobile advertisement market, the main purpose of this article is to highlight top 5 alternates of Admob for publishers. We’re going to walk you through AdMob and AdMob alternatives that you can use to get similar results.

What is AdMob and How Does It Work?

AdMob has been developed to target app developers specifically. It is a revenue program powered by Google and it allows publishers to monetize their apps by giving them the ability to display ads within the apps. It is important to remember that AdSense and AdMob are two completely different platforms.

As an app developer, you will have the power to choose the formats of the ads that will be displayed in your app. You can choose from banner ads, native ads, full-page interstitial and video ads.

The main reason why most app developers choose AdMob is its ability to get most of the work done for them, leaving them more time to focus on the actual app and its feature development.    

AdMob Alternatives:  

Although AdMob is the best in the market, but let’s say you want to deviate from using the standard solution. You still have plenty of options to choose from and we have listed five AdMob alternatives to help you get on the right path with your mobile app advertising


Tapjoy’s ideology is to use their system that can separate users that will spend from those that won’t to help you target the right audience. They make high claims on their website such as:

“Every mobile app is leaving money on the table. Only Tapjoy’s Mobile Marketing Automation Platform lets you optimize revenue from every user.”

With this being said, they claim they focus on generating revenue from the 95% users that other platforms usually miss. Tapjoy’s mobile advertising platform works in three main phases:

  1. Acquire– the best target audience for advertisers and help optimize the ads accordingly.
  2. Analyze– the data from the campaigns and develop metrics for the future
  3. Act– On the ideology and target your audience, deliver ads, push notifications and reward ads to them.

Tapjoy integrates with iOS, Android SDKs, along with Unity, Cocos 2d-x and Adobe Air plugins.


LeadBolt offers plenty of options to help you get connected with in-app advertisers and benefit from their special limited release campaigns. You have the options of letting them match your app to selected advertisers, use their marketplace to search for offers and apply to them, and engage a dedicated monetization specialist for your app.

Their ad formats allow for native ads, video ads and interstitial ads. LeadBolt offers various features to help you make your ads more appealing and engaging with tracking metrics and support.

LeadBolt can be integrated in more than a dozen plugins including Android and iOS.


Airpush has introduced some pretty wacky yet creative ideas for mobile app advertising. They have some cool patent-pending technology in store for you. Their 360 banner technology can display IAB Standard banners and Video Banners along with support for their Abstract Banner System, which allows the display of a transparent banner above content to eliminate banner blindness.

These ads are automatically optimized to be visible to the user at the best position and get them to act. The dashboard on this platform allows you to track user analytics, audience segmentations, revenues and engagement and gives you full campaign control.

Airpush can be integrated with iOS and Android Apps.

Unity Ads

Unity ads cashes in on one simple consumer insight ie that people don’t like to be bombarded with ads that waste their time. They target their users with reward ads that actually give people an incentive to sit through the message. With Unity Ads, you can easily offer in-game rewards to the user to watch a video ad. For example an extra life or coins etc.

Unity ads can easily be integrated with both iOS and Android and can be accessed from the Unity Engine.


Smaato claims to be the anything and everything of the mobile app advertising world. It’s set out to be a one stop shop for mobile advertising. Their actual operative side is pretty interesting too, with their Dynamic Demand Model for filling ad requests and their SDK Mediation system.

All these features are designed to get you the best ROIs on your apps and mobile advertising efforts. Smaato can be integrated with Windows phones, Blackberry, iOS and Android.


Chartboost is one amongst the leading in-app monetisation and programmatic advertising platforms. Chartboost works with ninety percent of the top grossing iOS and Android app developers. Chartboost is a Sequoia-backed company with offices in San Francisco (HQ), Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Beijing.

There you have it, these are the Admob alternative tools that can help you get started on your mobile app advertising journey ASAP. Do you know of any other platforms that can be a great Admob alternative? Let us know!

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