What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate marketing is a hot topic of marketing which lets you earn a lump sum amount of money through the right promotion. Many of the people keep on exploring different online methods of earning which are easy, convenient and comfortable. This method is also known as performance-based earning.

There are three key players involves in affiliate marketing

1: The Seller (One who is selling the products)

2: The Affiliate (YOU)

3: The Buyer (the customer who buys the product)

Affiliate Links

Do not indulge yourself in complexities and have a clear vision of about what is affiliate marketing in order to boost up your earnings. All you need is to promote a company’s or an individual product in an effective manner that encourages people to make a purchase.

A link is associated with the product which is known as the affiliate link. Place this link in your blogs, website, Shopify etc and people would click the product of their choice by clicking on the link. Enjoy the piece of profit or commission on every purchase made through this link. Amazing!

Affiliate Business

The ever-increasing popularity of affiliate business cannot be denied. It is a great business opportunity for the people who like to earn by sitting at home. It would not be wrong that it is beneficial for both parties. The more you sell the product, the more revenue you will generate.

Moreover, affiliate business can be of 2 types such as either you sign up to a company’s business has a plethora of products or you may offer such program to people. eBay, Amazon etc are the leading companies offering such an opportunity. Learn more about how Amazon affiliate works

Affiliate Partners

The better the performance would be, the more the success rate and profit would become. Affiliate partners can be searched by using tools such as Gumroad, CJ or Rakuten etc.

Niche and targeting audience are the two factors which play an important key role in the selection of a partner. Once you make a selection, you can contact the partner by sending them an email where you introduce your product to them and the offer which in benefit of the receiver.

Similarly, contact the review based YouTube channels having enormous subscribers on it. It is a brilliant fit and the most suitable one, especially if this channel is about the review of a product which is in accordance with your product niche. Mostly the digital products are awesome for affiliate marketing as it let you relish up to 50% of commission. Isn’t that Marvelous!

There are many companies which are offering affiliate based commision and we have listed some of the top marketing affiliate networks in our next article.

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