Who is a Vlogger

Who Is a Vlogger

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Who Is a Vlogger and How Vlogs are the In thing on Digital?

According to research done by eMarketer, video views on the internet have increased from 372 million to nearly 700 between 2012-2016. That’s an increase of 87%! Certain kinds of video content are viewed more than others and this includes Vlogs. This article will give you a background on what is a Vlog and who is a Vlogger and also walk you through how to make a vlog. To make viral content please refer our other article

What is a Vlog?

Vlog is actually short for “video blog” which are short videos added to video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo by a Vlogger. These videos contain a personal aspect of the Vlogger’s life and can revolve around any specific theme ranging from work, travel, food, culture or even interior design.

Who Is a Vlogger?

In the context of the definition above, a Vlogger is then a person who creates a video blog where they regularly post short videos about something that is personal to them. This may include their travel experiences, foodventures or work stories etc.

What is Vlogging today’s like?

Advertisers are now spending more and more capital to invest in Vloggers. While partnering with these Vloggers, they hope to reach a younger and more affluent target audience for their brands. Statistics show that more than 44% of the online populations spend some time watching vlogs every month. This number suggests that a Vlog has the power to influence and shape perceptions of their viewers.

How To Make a Vlog?

The beauty of a Vlog is that it is personal and revolves around the interests of the Vlogger. Anyone from a teenager to a CD shop owner can be a Vlogger in today’s age. There are however certain steps to follow when setting up your own Vlog.
Do research- Find inspiration by following some of the most famous Vloggers. Look for tips on how they make their content engaging, how often do they post a vlog, what platforms are they using etc.

  • Find Your Niche– What is it that you love doing? What is that one thing that your Vlog will revolve around? It can be anything ranging from pottery to cooking.
  • Gather Equipment– The video quality can make or break your Vlog. Make sure you have the right equipment to get started. At the very least, you will need a good camera, a laptop and a video editing software to get you started.
  • Create a YouTube Account and Customize it– This one is pretty simple. Go on and create your account. Add your information in there so your audience gets a snippet of who you are.
  • Promote and Share Your Content on Social– Use your social audience, share the Vlog with them and in groups to increase its reach and create a buzz!

There you have it, tick all the boxes in the checklist and you’re ready to create your own Vlog. When it comes to the actual content, we have some tips that can help you create awesome Vlogs:

  • Be original and produce a unique Vlog
  • Be a consistent Vlogger and regularly update your Vlog
  • Promote your Vlog via social media in unique ways
  • Engage with your viewers, ask them what they would like to see or change about your Vlog.
  • Respond to criticism in a positive way.

We hope you now have everything you need to start a successful Vlog!

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