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Why WordPress is the best platform for blogging

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Why WordPress for bloggers is a big thing 

Many blogging platforms have shown up and vanished, but not WordPress. From the time of its birth in 2003, WordPress has turned from a ubiquitous and simple blogging platform to a preeminent and preferred web development platform. This platform is arguably the most widely employed blogging platform by bloggers worldwide. WordPress is a robust and powerful platform that offers a plethora of essential features and unlimited benefits. With WordPress blogs, anyone can take their business to a whole new level. This is best even for the newbie bloggers.  Let’s take a look at some of the most paramount reasons that make WP the best publishing platform for blogging.

  1. WordPress is All Free  

The best part is that you don’t need a high budget for setting-up your WordPress blog. Anyone can download and employ WP software for free. This is the open-source software that offers you the freedom to make changes with no restrictions, so you are capable of building your customized blog under your own choice. In addition to that, the maintenance and upkeep expenses for WordPress blogs are minimal. You don’t require to hire a full-time designer to update your website content.

  1. Beautiful Themes and Powerful Plugins

WordPress, offers an array of striking themes; which bloggers can use to build their visually-striking blogs. Not only can they be optimized for the users but the search engines as well. These are multi-purpose themes offering millions of customization features for the bloggers to build their dream blogs.

WordPress offers miscellaneous plugins for increasing the functionality of blogs. In addition to that, there are plugins available for each task such as for integrating third-party applications or adding customized solutions to the website.

  1. Ease of Use

Among other good reasons that make WordPress the finest and top of the line blogging platform is its user-friendliness. The installation of WP is just a click away! Just visit the control panel of your hosting provider and install WordPress in a while.
WP is a seamless software that is easy to use, manage, maintain, and update. It doesn’t require any coding experience to run a blog on WordPress. The dashboard has a simple interface with a lot of inbuilt features to help bloggers achieve their tasks easily. A wide range of plugins helps bloggers maintain their websites in a hassle-free way. Lastly, WordPress brings up periodic updates for each plugin and theme, so the websites using this platform always remain up-to-date.

  1. WordPress SEO

WordPress is SEO-friendly, while not inherently but there are ways to fix it. For example, the best WordPress SEO plugin is Yoast SEO that will help you create your sitemap, which will boost the indexing of your site’s search engine. In other words, you can build a website with improved visibility. Besides that, social media integration with WordPress for bloggers will further improve your Search Engine Optimization campaign.

  1. Responsiveness

Many blogging platforms have become obsolete as their designs were not responsive. Having an unresponsive blog can affect your bottom line. With WordPress, you can create a mobile-friendly blog since all the themes of WP are responsive. The responsive website design ensures that your website is functioning optimally on every browsing platform and mobile devices, which, in turn, enhances your user experience and eventually leads to more organic traffic. Likewise, by having a mobile-friendly blog, you ensure that your website is accessible and easily navigable by all the search engines as well as the users. This will help you reduce your bounce rate, leading to a better ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

  1. Secure Framework

WordPress is employed by millions of users for blogging posts. For that reason, WP takes the security of its users very seriously and thus maintains a high-security standard. As to keep the cyber threats and hackers at bay, WP extends a secure framework, in which the vulnerabilities are dealt with effectively.

WordPress also provides bloggers with the host of WP security plugins for providing additional security for all the malicious harms. As to save your blog, WordPress keeps providing recurrent updates not only to all WP plugins and themes but for the WP core as well.

  1. Robust Community Support

As compared to its contemporaries, robust community support is arguably one of the biggest advantages of using WordPress for blogging. Because millions of people are using it, WordPress is always there to help people find the answers to their questions. For this matter, you can find a lot of stuff including blogs, message boards, eBooks, online tutorials, and more, everything committed to helping you get the maximum advantages from WordPress. For every query, you will find someone to help you out in the community. This robust community support is one of the most rewarding and valuable aspects of using WordPress for blogs.

  1. Different Media Types

One of the finest reasons why WordPress is best among its contemporaries is that it can handle a variety of different media types. It is not bound to written texts only. WordPress comes with an inbuilt media uploader for the image, video, and audio handling. WordPress for bloggers also supports embedding of YouTube videos, Tweets, Sound Cloud audios, Instagram photos, and more by just pasting the copied URL in its post editor.

  1. Suitability for Aggressive Content Marketing

As online marketing is taking today’s business by storm. Fresh content has great importance in this time of online marketing and it is where WordPress comes to play. At WordPress, you can update your website’s content in a matter of seconds and without having to go through any complicated steps. In addition to that, you can update your website’s design in a while, making it a perfect platform for your campaigns. Besides that, the ability to update your content regularly will help your enterprise build a reputation in your niche.

  1. Open-Source

WordPress is open-source software, meaning that its source code is publicly available for enhancement and modification by anyone. This is why this software is being modified and improved day by day by many developers worldwide.

For this reason, the developers get attracted to WordPress for contributing the latest and novel features to this platform. The developers are creating a wide range of new plugins to make WP more useful and convenient every day.

If you need the functionality for your site, you will arguably find your relevant plugin in the WP directory. Developers together with graphic artists, are working to develop striking themes and most of them are either priced competitively or are just for free. Owing to the strong community of master-in-craft developers, WP websites can be as distinctive and unique as the enterprises that use them.


WordPress for bloggers is like a dream come true.  It is more than simply a blogging platform. With WordPress SEO, one can make the maximum use of it as an E-commerce site, social networking site, standard website, and whatever else one wants to do with it. The above-mentioned benefits of WordPress are just the tip of the iceberg. WordPress is a lot more than this. It is arguably the top choice for developing a website or building a blog. In addition to that, WordPress is continuously evolving to take in novel technological innovations with the ever-changing needs of the time. Therefore, if you’re planning to start a blog, there is no better choice than WordPress.

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