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In this article we are going to discuss the four best website builders out there for people who have a business or who have some type of side interest or even have something like a YouTube account. A website is definitely super helpful and you definitely want to sort of get invested in making one. Coding one yourself can be a little complicated and unless you studied programming or at least have some knowledge of HTML/CSS and JavaScript then you’ll probably want to go with one of these builders that’ll make your job a lot easier. So, here are the 4 best and user friendly CMS based website builders in the market.


WordPress is a long-time contender and it is one of the greatest website builders out there. It started out as a blogging platform but it has developed into something much more then that. So as far as features go, WordPress has an integrated blogging system and it is the best integrated blogging system because WordPress origin site also has ecommerce, iOS and Android apps membership system and it’s opensource which means that it has a huge library of open source stuff and a huge community of open source developers. There’s also many different extensions and add-ons to choose from and it’s multilingual. As far as pros go there are a lot of custom coding options so you really won’t be restricted especially if you’re a little bit more skilled in website development. It’s also very easy to update your content and you won’t really struggle when it comes to that part. Also, SEO integration is a lot easier due to readymade SEO plugins, and like I said it has the number one built in blogging system and the best development community of all the website builders out there. As far as cons go, the custom coding options are great but there’s a lot of bad plugins out there and many of them have broken extensions and libraries there are old and insecure methods to get some of the stuff done and you unfortunately have to update all the add-on software when it comes to your website. All in all, it can make WordPress pretty complicated for novice users out there. Aside from the cost of hosting and possibly storage the price for using the website or setting up a website with WordPress is free. If you choose to go with which is a simpler and more user-friendly website builder then you will have a free plan option, unlimited bandwidth, no ads Sep for the free plan from 3 gigabytes to unlimited storage and the premium plans will range from $2.99 to $24.9 a month.


Number 3 on this list is going to be Weebly. Some of the features Weebly has are an integrated blog system, e-commerce, IOS, and android apps and a well design admin panel. It also has a membership system. It’s multilingual and offers the ability to put donations on your site and it also comes with a basic integrated audio player. Some of the things that make Weebly pretty cool is that it has a lot of great templates you really won’t get bored with the designs that are offered also many of these templates and newer ones come with the ability to work flawlessly on mobile devices. It also has in my opinion the easiest to use interface out of all the website builders out there.

What makes the interface so easy is that it uses a drag-and-drop system which is very responsive and even has things such as the windows moving right out the way. As you’re editing there’s a lot of customization options such as adjusting longitude and latitude on your maps adjusting colors images and adding whatever type of media you really want. It also has an app store. Unlike many popular builders out there unfortunately there’s no start from the scratch system and there’s really not a lot of options for custom coding.
As far as prices go there is a free plan that offers 500MB of storage and you get unlimited bandwidth and no matter which plan you choose. The premium plans start from $8 to $59 a month and you get a free domain with an annual purchase. There’s limited storage for all premium plans and there are no ads except for the free plan you also get eCommerce and 24/7 technical support.


Wix is by far one of my favorite website builders out there and lots of people in the world list it as their favorite website builders. Some of the features that come with it are a blog integration, eCommerce, iOS and Android apps and it’s built for high-resolution devices including retina displays. Also, there’s a newsletter and membership system. One of the really good things about Wix is that it comes with so many designs and templates and because of all the features and things that are packed into it, makes it really flexible to design a site of any person’s interest. One of the features that Wix is really known for is its integrated animations capabilities which can really make someone’s website pop out. There are also hundreds of apps to choose from. Due to limited modification in the template restriction, you can edit and change the content but you cannot add extra functionality from the scratch. Once you pick a template, you’re going to have to stick with it or you’re going to have to start an entirely new site and there’s no source code option and because there are so many features in Wix, it can really be a mess especially for novice users out there. While Wix offers so many features and offers so many templates in beautiful designs I think that most of these designs are not really as professional-looking as some of the other options on this list. As far as price go, there’s a free plan and the premium plans range from $5 to $30 a month. You get from one gig to unlimited bandwidth and you get from 500 megabytes to 20 gigabytes of storage. You also get a free domain on all plans except a free tier plan. Some of the features in the premium plans involve eCommerce and 24/7 support.


Number one on this list and my client’s personal favorite website builder out there is Squarespace. Some of the features that Squarespace offers is eCommerce, blog integration, iOS and Android apps. Also, newsletter integration, donations, and a beautiful music player. Every single template is designed for high resolution devices and these templates are all mobile friendly and when I say that these templates are great every single last one has a specifically professionally designed UI for members. While there are not a lot of options, each option is of the highest quality. There are custom photo cropping options and unlike the drag and drop system, Squarespace uses the content block system which is used for adding elements. There are many pre-designed blocks such as menu options page designs and of course many different add-ons. Squarespace is in my opinion is the most polished of any builder out there and it also has an easy billing system that’s month-to-month or by year. Also, Squarespace takes the privacy of its visitors and its users very seriously and they do not release any of that personal info or site data to third-party companies which you really have to watch out when it comes to website builders and especially full package websites services such as GoDaddy or FatCow.

As far as pricing goes, there are no free membership options however you can sign up for a trial period and if you decide not to go with a paid plan, you sort of revert to a free membership. The prices range from $12to $26 a month and with that you get 20 pages, galleries and blogs or unlimited content & storage depending on your option. You also get a limited bandwidth on all the plans, a free custom domain and there are no ads. Also, there is SSL security throughout the website no matter which plan you choose, you get24/7 support. E-commerce and online store plans that range from $26 dollars to $46 dollars a month that give you some extra e-commerce stuff for those who are very business oriented.


It all really depends on your personal preference and how you want to achieve your goal. There are quite a few options out there in the world but I think no matter what your interest or your goal is for building a website, one of these options will definitely suit your needs.

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