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WordPress – Reasons Why It’s The Best CMS

September 9, 2012

According to recent research done in February 2018, WordPress or WP powers 30% of the websites on the internet. It started out as a simple blogging platform and is now competing to be one of the best CMS on the internet. It has gradually gained popularity as the CMS of choice for both casual bloggers and professional website owners.  As a blogger, you can set up WP powered blog in under 10 minutes using profession wordpress plugins and themes. This article will inform you why it is the best choice for bloggers out there:

Great Support

Newbie bloggers always need help setting things up. WP has a great support portal that helps bloggers set up their first blog and run it properly. Besides, WP is a very popular platform which means that you can get most information related to it over the internet with a simple Google Search.

WordPress Plugins & themes

Design supports content; that much is clear. Whenever we’re starting a new blog or website, the design is one of our primary concerns. There are 3 things that can be done for design creation:

  1. Enlist help from a WP theme designer
  2. Buy a Premium theme
  3. Download a free WordPress theme

Most bloggers go for the free or the paid WordPress theme. The best option is to get the paid theme once and build on it. There are many freelancers in the market that can take the theme and customize it for an affordable price. WordPress plugins and themes are also available on several other platforms online.

It’s SEO Friendly

WP takes your SEO worries away because it is more SEO friendly than Blogspot or other blogging platforms. You can choose from the list of best-recommended SEO plugins for WP and get started.

It’s Great for Static Websites too

Having a static website on WP is a great option  because it’s easier to build a static website on WP than on any other CMS. The platform gets updated regularly and syncs well with SEO wordpress plugins. This means you get better results with your website, faster.

Monetization Is Easier on WP

Ad networks like Google AdSense and PropellerAds have customized plugins for WP. There is also the fact that WordPress bloggers are considered to be more trustworthy than other bloggers by online advertisers. Ready made wordpress plugins are also available for this purpose

It Is Mobile Optimized

52.7% of users worldwide access the internet on their mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly, you’re losing on a huge chunk of your audience. Developing a mobile-friendly website entails a lot of development work and is time taking. With WP, you can easily download mobile responsive themes and design content around it.

It Allows Multiple Users

WP makes it easier for multiple users to operate one blog. Unlike some other CMS out there that produce glitches in the data if two users are making changes to it, WP quickly saves changes. It also allows for multiple levels of access depending on the permissions you want to give to other users on the medium.

There you have it, from mobile friendliness to SEO, WordPress-CMS takes care of all your blogging needs and that makes it one of the best blogging and CMS out there.


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